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Working Women Hostel




With the progressive change in the economic structure of the country more and more women are living out of their homes in search of employment in big cities and urban and rural townships. One of the main difficulties faced by such women is lack of suitable and safe accommodation. Voluntary Organizations have been approaching the Government of India, from time to time for financial assistance with a view to providing hostel facilities to such women. The Government of India having appreciated the difficulties faced by such women and have decided to introduce a scheme for grant-in-aid for construction of new/ expansion of existing building for providing hostel facilities to working women in cities, smaller towns and also in rural areas.


2. a) Proposal for construction of hostel should be made for one or more than one of the following objectives:

(i) To provide accommodation for single working women, unmarried, widows, divorced, separated, married when husband is out of town:

(ii) To provide accommodation to women who are being trained for employment provided the training period does not exceed one year. The number of working women falling in this category should not be more than 30% of the total number of women in the hostel

(iii)To provide accommodation to the girl students for a period of five years on the condition that first preference will be given to working women only. After that if there are any vacancies accommodation will be provided to the students also but amongst them, preference will be given to those studying in post school professional courses.  The category of women who are being trained for employment and the girl students together should not be more than 30% of the total number of women in hostels..


After the training period when women trainees gets employment she will be entitled for hostel accommodation provided she fulfills all other criteria.

b) (i) A proposal for separate hostel for providing accommodation for working women and their children up to 8 years of age may be considered. The working women will fall in the same category as (i) and (ii) of (a) above.

(ii) Such hostels should provide facilities required for pre-school children.

Income Limit

3. Working Women falling in category (i) and (ii) of will be entitled to hostel facilities provided her income does not exceed Rs. 16,000/- consolidated (gross) per month in a class 'A' City or Rs 15,000/- consolidated (gross) per month in any other city/ town/ place.

1. When the income of the working woman exceeds the prescribed limits she will have to leave the hostel within a period of six months of crossing the income ceiling.


4. Voluntary agencies/public trusts working in the field of women's welfare/social welfare women's education are eligible for assistance under the Scheme. A voluntary organization should be registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860 or corresponding State Acts. Public Trust should be registered under any law for the time being in force. Women Development Corporations,Universities, Schools/Colleges of Social Work shall also be eligible for financial assistance under the Scheme.

In addition such bodies like local bodies or cooperative institutions may also be eligible for seeking assistance under the Scheme. Such body should have the following characteristics: -

(i) It should be recognized and its work should be reported to be satisfactory by the State Government/Union Territory Administration concerned:

(ii) It should have a properly constituted Managing Body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in a written constitution:

(iii) It should ordinarily have been engaged in the field of women's welfare/social welfare/women's education for a minimum period of two years prior to the request for grant-in-aid under the scheme:

(iv) Its financial position should be sound and it should have facilities, resources, personnel and experience to initiate the construction of hostel:

(v) It should not run for profit by any individual or a body of individuals and it should be prepared to run the hostel and the Day-care Centre/pre-school for children on a no profit basis:

(vi)It should have the possession of land for construction of building.

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