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Conditions of Grants


15. The building shall be completed as soon as possible and in any case not later than 24 months from the date of receipt of the first installment of grant-in-aid unless extension is granted by the Government of India.

16. After the completion of the building the organization shall furnish to the Central Government copies of the following documents:

(a)A certificate from State PWD/CPWD/Housing Board to the effect that the building has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and estimates; and

(b)A Statement of Expenditure incurred on the construction of building duly audited by the authorized auditors

17. Any unspent portion of the grant shall be refunded to the Government of India at once.

18. The head of the organization shall ensure that the building is thrown open to inspection by the officer of the State PWD or of the CPWD or any other officers designated for the purpose by the Central or State Government both during the period of construction as well as after the construction is completed. It shall be the duty of the head of the organization to carry out any instruction which may be issued in this behalf by the Central Government or the State Government as the case may be.

19. The hostel accommodation constructed with the assistance under the Scheme and admission in the day-care Centre shall be open for admission to all working women and children residing or seeking accommodation in the city/town rural areas without any distinction of religion, caste, race, place of birth, language subject only to the qualification prescribed in para 2 above. The members of Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes shall be given preference in the matter of allotment of accommodation in the hostel. 15% and 7 1/2% seats in the hostel and the Day-care Centre shall be reserved for the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes respectively.

20. The voluntary organisation will furnish to the Department of Women & Child Development Government of India, Quarterly Progress Report on the construction work and expenditure incurred; and such reports shall continue to be furnished until the building is completed.

21. The accounts of the building shall be maintained properly and separately and submitted as and when required. They shall always be open to check by an officer of the Central or State Government deputed for the purpose. The account shall be open to a test check by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India at his discretion.

22. The voluntary organisation/institution shall maintain record of all assets acquired wholly or substantially out of Government Grant. Such assets shall not be disposed of encumbered or utilise for purposes other than those for which grant was given without prior sanction of the Government of India, Should the organisation/institution cease to exist at any time such properties shall revert to the Government of India.

23. The head of the voluntary organisation/institution shall execute an agreement bond in the approved form securing to the Government of India a prior lien on the building for the recovery of the amount paid as grant in the event of the building ceasing to be applied for the purpose for which the grant was given.

24. If the Deptt. require clarification on any point not contained in the statements the institUtion/organisation shall supply it within the time specified by the Deptt. failing which the application will not be considered.

25. The organisation/institution will charge from the residents reasonably rent/Licence not exceeding 15% of their total emoluments in the case of single bedrooms, 10% for double bedrooms and 7 1/2% in the case of other rooms. Rent/Licence Fee does not include expenses on mess, water & electricity charges and furniture maintenance. The charges for these items should be on no-profit no-loss basis.

25-A. The organisation/institution may charge the fees from the children in the Day-Care Centre at the rates not more than 5% of the emoluments of the parent or the actual expenditure whichever is less.

25-B. In the case of trainees falling under 2 (ii) the objectives of the Scheme rent/Licence Fee will be paid by the trainees or by the institution/organisation who is sponsoring training programme.

26. An inmate may be allowed to stay in a working Women's Hostel for a maximum period of five years.  No extension beyond five years should be granted to an inmate for stay in a Working Women's Hostel.

27. The State Government/Union Territory Administration would obtain the Quarterly Progress Report from each of the Voluntary Organisation/Institution and monitor it regularly and promptly to ensure that the hostels are neither over-crowded nor remain unutilised. The State Government would also submit a consolidated Quarterly Progress Report to the Department of Women and Child Development also.

Further,the State Government/Union Territory Administration should constitute a Committee giving adequate representation to non-official to review the functioning of each of the hostels in the State/ Union Territory Administration to ensure that the Voluntary organisation pay adequate attention to maintain minimum standard of sanitary, hygenic, security and other arrangernents. These Committees may submit their reports once a year.

28. The organisation will prominently display on the building with the name of the hostel the endoresment "Assisted by the Government of India, Department of Women & Child Development".

29. The organisation shall prominently display on the Notice Board and on its application forms the following conditions:

(i) the hostel provides accomodation to working women whose income does not exceed Rs.16,000/- consolidated (gross) per monthor Rs.15,000/-consolidated (gross) per month as the case may be. .

(ii) Fee not exceeding 15% of the total emoluments in the case of single bedrooms, 10% in the case of double bedrooms and 7 1/2% in the case of other rooms shall be charged from the inmates. Fee not exceeding 5% of the total emoluments of the parent(s) shall be charged from the girl students.

(iii) the hostel shall be open to working women of all categories without any discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste, race, place of birth or language.

30. Guidelines for the construction/expansion of hostel has been appended to this booklet.

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